Unsure about Wonderland


I have always felt rather familiar with Alice and her Wonderland. Others may hear her tales and think they are wild and ridiculous. I feel like she has just visited my world. I started in Wonderland desperately insecure because I just didn’t really mesh with those around me.


I have grown to love the Mad Hatter I am and this Wonderland. I stopped trying to escape the place I feel most comfortable. It is an exciting and adventurous place that I have bonded to and is forever a part of me.

I have met many beautiful people who were also hiding in the shadows from their own originality. We are forever family. I find that many draw to my confident individuality and honesty. I’ve learned that the people who I find most intimidating usually are trying to mask their own insecurities. Imagine that!

Why I am Happy Here

This Cheshire Kat loves anything DIY, power tools, sewing or project and craft related.  I also love singing and musical theater. My life is a living musical with song and dance numbers intermingled with the everyday activities. Ha!! I burst out singing when the feeling overcomes me, anywhere and anytime.

I am also an avid movie quote-er. Any word, phrase or sound can unleash my movie catalog of sound effects, quotes, or theme songs. I’m sure is very confusing and amusing for ones within earshot.

I’m a lover of research. It’s a bit of an obsession. If I am curious about a topic I find myself spending hours reading and searching for the vast knowledge and trying to absorb it. If it were only as easy as Neo getting an information download in The Matrix. “I know Kung Fu.”cheshire-cat-933185_1280

Home Life

I adore my three silly boys, ages 10, 12, and 14 ½. I am their advocate for ADHD & Autism. My life is bursting at the seams with joy, love, chaos, fun, exhaustion, pain, kisses, confusion, fall downs, get ups, adventure, learning and the best friends and family ever. You think Mr. Toad had a wild ride? I don’t think so!

I am a bit OCD but you can’t tell by looking at my disastrous domain. I get overwhelmed with being unable to complete tasks “my way” that I don’t accomplish much. My mind is extremely ambitious with a body that can’t keep up. My Fibromyalgia & mental health journey is a novel in itself that I hope get around to blogging more about.

My best friend an biggest supporter is my husband of 15 years. He puts up with my incessant talking, singing, quoting and never-ending project piles. My crafts and projects are tend to ooze into every room and workable surface in our home. He accepts me and Wonderland and even thinks it’s beautiful. He is the most hilarious, kind and loving man I have ever met. This Cheshire Kat couldn’t be happier in this Wonderland that I have accepted as mine.

Chat with Kat

I hope all of you kittens love and accept yourselves just the way you are. We are all beautifully designed. I would love to hear about your personal Wonderland. Leave me a comment and let me know if you can relate. What are your thoughts on insecurity and overcoming it? Hope to chat soon. Kisses!

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