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To Sum Kat Up…

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A Bit About Kat

To sum up Kat, I am married to a wonderful Godly man for over 15 years and we have three beautiful boys. I am very blessed as a homemaker. I am living with Fibromyalgia, so while my mind is very ambitious my body has a very hard time keeping up. I have an overflowing cup of ideas in my head and half-completed projects monopolizing my home, which is quite frustrating. My creativity is my outlet but over the last few years, it has been desperate to break free from its Fibro cage.


What is my “Wonderland?”

Unsure about Wonderland


I have always felt rather familiar with Alice and her Wonderland. Others may hear her tales and think they are wild and ridiculous. I feel like she has just visited my world. I started in Wonderland desperately insecure because I just didn’t really mesh with those around me.


I have grown to love the Mad Hatter I am and this Wonderland. I stopped trying to escape the place I feel most comfortable. It is an exciting and adventurous place that I have bonded to and is forever a part of me.

I have met many beautiful people who were also hiding in the shadows from their own originality. We are forever family. I find that many draw to my confident individuality and honesty. I’ve learned that the people who I find most intimidating usually are trying to mask their own insecurities. Imagine that!

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