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A Bit About Kat

To sum up Kat, I am married to a wonderful Godly man for over 15 years and we have three beautiful boys. I am very blessed as a homemaker. I am living with Fibromyalgia, so while my mind is very ambitious my body has a very hard time keeping up. I have an overflowing cup of ideas in my head and half-completed projects monopolizing my home, which is quite frustrating. My creativity is my outlet but over the last few years, it has been desperate to break free from its Fibro cage.


I love any sort of crafts and DIY such as: sewing, crocheting, painting, scrapbook and paper crafting, jewelry making, working with clay, gift wrap & gift baskets, card making, writing & poetry, wood working/burning, power tools and anything else using my hands and creativity. I also love to sing and do musical theater even though I have not been in an actual show since we started having kids 14 years ago.

You may laugh, but I love to organize. Creating spreadsheets, lists, binders and such is a hobby for me.  I am way more O.C.D. than I would like to admit, but I often find myself overwhelmed because my home and life in general don’t display what I feel. Oh, to experience exhilaration of sorting, filing and color coding once again!



I know this probably sounds like a whine fest, but I really am very blessed and happy. Although my Fibromyalgia symptoms have been present for years, my diagnosis is fairly new. I am in the process of increasing my knowledge and understanding and finding ways cope with this physically disabling disorder. It is a lifetime of learning and adjusting to my strengths and limitations and accepting them for what they are.

My Kittens

My children are all extremely smart and excel in academics and I am proud to say they love to read. To my dismay, they love “screen time” more. I will admit that they are quite talented with some of these creative building games.

I have genetically blessed my children (and I say this quite sarcastically) because all three of my boys live with ADHD and my middle son has high functioning Autism. This has peppered our lives with combined unique challenges as well as many wonderful and amazing experiences. Looking back to child who couldn’t communicate, is now speaking clearly, and expresses such amazing ideas you can’t help but feel an overwhelming joy and realization of the miracles happening around. They are extremely strong and adapt to their strengths and weaknesses. They have all taught me so much.

Chat with Kat

I love my family dearly and feel so blessed for all God has placed in my life & the strength He continually gives us to keep moving forward. I would love to hear about you and what brings you joy or frustration so please leave me a comment below. I love being real with you and hope to chat soon. Kisses!

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