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What is a Busy Box?

I don’t really have a designated work station. I migrate wherever it is quite and comfortable. The couch, my bed and outside are my top choices for productivity. I know that I need to create a permanent place for productivity. Since  I move around I decided on a Mom’s Busy Box DIY to carry to my location of choice.

My Busy Box is simply a file box with a lid and handle so it is portable. I have hanging file folders inside to keep things that I am working on or need to do. I have one folder for supplies like envelopes and return address labels. The other folders are for things to file, shred, projects and ideas, bills, out-going mail and other similar folders. You can personalize it to your routine and what works for you.

Making the Busy Box

Suppliesmoms busy box

  • a portable file box
  • hanging file folders
  • puffy paint for clothing
  • Stickers

This is an extremely easy project to make. I used what I had on hand in my craft supplies to decorated my box. It makes it so much more fun to work if your supplies are pretty.

I started on the front of the box and drew its label and random designs out of the puffy paint colors that I chose. I would suggest working from top to bottom if possible so you don’t smudge the wet paint you just laid down.

I just went with the flow but you can always sketch out a basic design on paper if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you make a mistake just use a damp paper towel or cotton swab to erase your boo-boo before it dries. This paint can peel off fairly easily when dried if you aren’t satisfied.

moms busy box topAfter letting the side dry I repeated the process on the top. Again, I chose whatever design came to mind as I was decorating. You can do as little or as much as you want with your Busy Box. Consider adding ribbon, rhinestones or pretty paper to take the decor up a notch.

Chat with Kat

I hope you enjoyed this project and it sparked some creative ideas for your own creations. Let me know what you think about this DIY and if you tried it out. How did it turn out? Feel free to leave instagram links below so I can check out your Busy Boxes. Please share this post on all of your social media pages and subscribe for updates on new projects. Hope to chat soon. Kisses!


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