Maybe I did too much on my “better days”, the 105 degree weather that sprung up this week, both, or maybe I struck the Fibro jackpot but no matter the cause I have been hit hard by the Fibro freight train. Ugh!! For the last two days I have literally been bed ridden. I have to admit that it really sucks.

How does someone deal with being stuck in bed and unable to stay awake or move when there is so many tasks screaming at you? Honestly, I don’t know. I have a house that is getting messier by the minute, a family to feed, and a blog that I am desperate to get rolling. Two days in a row my 14-year-old kitten had to call and wake me because I was not at the school to pick him up. The poor guy was waiting in this miserable┬áheat for mom to arrive. My family tries to be patient with me keeping in mind that this is something that is out of my hands but must be quite hard. It is for me.

Fibromyalgia flare-ups can manifest in different ways. This flare is made up of total body and muscle weakness (think that exhausted jello feeling after a rigorous workout) and crippling fatigue. I say crippling because I am literally confined to bed unable to stay awake or move. No amount of coffee, energy drinks or naps can snap me out of it. I am unavailable for the kids and my poor husband comes home to an un-showered, sleeping wife (and I don’t mean sleeping beauty), a house that looks like it was ransacked and no dinner or even an idea of what to make. It really wouldn’t matter if I did have something in mind for dinner because I wouldn’t even be able to stand to make stinkin’ PB&J sanwhiches.

On these days (or weeks) the family really has to pitch in. The kids need to help with extra chores to make the house livable, we end up ordering take-out or the hubby throws in frozen pizzas that we try to keep on hand and everyone has to work together to keep our evening schedule going so the kids get to bed on time. I have to really listen to my body and rest. I hate that part. The more I try to do the longer the flare will last. Today I had to reschedule a coffee date with a friend that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I also try to keep my guilt in check, which is the hardest part. When your job is to take care of your home and family, it can be a real blow to the ego. I remind everyone that momma is not well and apologize for my unavailability. Eventually, this too shall pass but until then we wait.

Please leave a comment with any questions you have and let me know if you have experience with this type of Fibro flare-up. How do you handle it? I look forward to chatting with you soon kittens. Kisses!

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