Fairy Dust Necklaces

Do you have a fairy themed party that you need a simple and inexpensive fairy party favors DIY? You came to the right blog. As stated in my other Fairy Themed Party posts, I helped with my seester’s (sister-in-law’s) Fairy Baby Shower. I made these adorable pixie dust pendent party favors on a very tight budget.

special fairy dust for mommy
Make a special keepsake for mommy-to-be or birthday girl by adding cute charms to this necklace.
baby shower favors
(left)Cute wild flower seeds provided by my seester’s sister. (right) My DIY Pixie Dust necklace with scroll.


  • Tiny glitter vials (I found packs of eight at the dollar store in the nail section)
  • 1/8″ thin satin ribbon
  • School Glue
  • Paper for the scrolls (print or hand write the quote)
  • Paper cutter and/or scissors
  • Ruler

Securing the Vialsfairy dust from the dollar store

I found these fantastic tiny vials of fine glitter at the Dollar Store with the nail supplies. They came in a pack of eight. The lids on the vials already had holes in them which made it perfect for stringing ribbon through for a simple necklace.

The first thing I did was brush some school  glue around the edge of each plastic cap and reinserted it into the vial. I did this one-by-one so I wouldn’t accidentally spill glitter by bumping other open jars. Let these dry over night. This will secure the lids from being pulled out causing spilled glitter or broken glass. >Yes, these vials are glass so please keep the party recipient’s ages in mind.<

The Scrolls

baby favor scrollsWhile the jars were drying I typed a tiny quote and
party date on parchment paper. I used a paper-cutter to make 1.5″x3″ slips of paper and rolled each scroll for later use.

These scrolls were for a baby shower so I used the quote “When the first baby laughed for the first time its laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” For another type of party “Faith Trust and Pixie Dust” would be cute.

Assembling the Necklaces

Cut 1/8″ ribbon in 29 inch long pieces. You will need one for each necklace. Use a single color ribbon or a few different colors for a more festive look. I used the colors I had on hand that would work with the party color scheme. Use a lighter to heat the ends of the ribbon so it wont fray.

Once the jar caps are dry, insert both ends of the ribbon through the hole in the vial lid and pull just until there is a loop left. Feed the two ribbon ends through the loop and add a scroll before pulling the ribbon snug to secure the vial. The last step is to tie a knot at the end of the ribbon to make your necklace. Voila’! You have your pixie dust party favors all set to go.

Party favor bowl
Display the favors in a pretty bowl or hang them. Make sure everyone grabs a necklace at the beginning so all the guests have a little magic with them during the party. It makes it so fun for everyone to have a matching themed ornament to wear.

Chat with Kat

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and think they are as cute and simple as I do. It was very fun to see everyone at the party wearing pixie dust. Since I already had all the supplies and only paid a dollar per pack of the glitter vials it was very inexpensive to make. If you have any fun fairy ideas please share in the comments below. I adore fairies and would love to hear all about your ideas and creations. Hope to chat soon. Kisses!!



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