DR JK PedPal Kit8 Piece of Heel Cups, Heel Inserts, Plantar Fasciitis Insoles, Arch Support, Heel Spur, Heel Protectors, Foot Pads, Heel Support, Heel Care

*I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



I received this kit four days before the scheduled delivery date and customer service was very friendly. It arrived carefully and beautifully packaged. The kit comes with a whopping 8 pieces. You receive a pair of heel cups, one pair of leather heel protector inserts, one pair of gel heel grips, as well as a pair of gel pad insoles for your heels.

Heel CupsDSCN1876

I tested the products out on my favorite pair of purple
Converse shoes that I can’t wear because they make my feet hurt even after the shortest amount of time. I was about to get rid of them and I’m so glad I didn’t.
I used the heel cups with them first. My feet felt great. It was like having air cushions in my shoes. The only problem was that the cups are a little bulky so you want to make sure you use them with shoes that have plenty of toe room or they will get a bit squished.


Gel Heel Pads

Next, I tried the gel heel pads and it was extremely comfortable. No other insoles have made it comfortable to wear my Converse for any length of time but my feet never got tired or started aching with these gel pads. These are definite keepers! Love them!!

Heel Grips

I didn’t have any shoes that needed the heel grips because I am sad to say that I had already gotten rid of the cutest flats that used to slide off of my heel. With the way the other products performed I’m sure that one of the two types of heel grips would have been amazing. The packaging is compact and cute enough to store the kit in while not in use. I would absolutely recommend this kit for anyone having problems with comfort and fit with their shoes. Thank you Dr. JK for providing great quality products!

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