DR JK ToePal Kit4 Pieces of ToePals to Fight Bunion, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes, Crooked Toes and More!

*I received this product for my honest and unbiased review


This ToePal Kit is great! They arrived 4 days before the scheduled delivery date and service was wonderful. They come beautifully and carefully packaged and the separators are a gorgeous transparent blue with silver flecks.

You actually get two different kinds of separators in this kit. A pair with full rings that go around your toes as well as a pair that you insert between your toes. There is no noticeable odor but they do have a slight tacky feeling to them. I don’t mind the slight stick and even feel that it helps them stay in place. The directions suggest to add baby powder to them before wearing if the stickiness is an issue.

The Product

I don’t have any major issues with my feet, but since I do have Fibromyalgia. I am fond of any way that I can get a gentle stretch for my joints and muscles. I tried out both sets and they both stretched my toes out and felt comfortable while wearing. It is a strange feeling when wearing them, but my feet felt very nice after taking them off.

I only wore them for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time because any longer and my toes started to feel numb. I have seen some people ask if you can wear them inside shoes and I would not suggest it because of the bulk of the product. They are made to wear barefooted or under socks but shoes are a no-go.

DSCN1890The product is super stretchy making it easy to manipulate around your toes but it seems extremely well made and tough enough to last a really long time.

Clear instructions and suggestions were provided in the package with the products which I was very happy about. Many products you order don’t include any instructions on how to use them and you are stuck trying to research directions or learn by trial and error. A big thumbs up for the product description and instructions.

DSCN1884Five Ring Spreaders

The 5 ring toe spreaders were a bit tricky to get on but not difficult and still comfortable even though it is an awkward feeling at first. They stayed on well but the rings were not exactly snug so my toes did have the natural reaction to curl down to hold them on when I walked around. I really feel they would have stayed in place if I could have been able to control that reflex. Not really an issue in my opinion.

DSCN1885Toe Separators

I did not feel like I had to grip the toe separators. The
separators had a very sturdy grip between my toes and are quite flexible so they are super easy to put on. I think they are my new favorite pedicure separators. They are far more comfortable and stay put better than the cheep foam ones you can buy.

The spreaders I will use in the evenings to stretch my toes for some nice foot therapy at the end of the day. They are a great quality product that is easy to clean and the packaging is compact and cute enough to store them in while not in use.

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I would definitely recommend this ToePal Kit to anyone looking in to trying a product like this. I hope this review helped those curious about this product. Have you tried this kit and what did you think? Please comment below and subscribe to my blog and other social media. Hope to chat soon. Kisses!

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