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How DId I Choose My Blogger Name?

For those of you who know me, you are probably wondering where the name Kat came from. Well, this is a long story made short…. I hope.

The Story

My name is Kelly Kathleen so I often go by KellyKat on social media and game sites. I decided on my gaming sites I didn’t want to use my real name. It just messes with the effect of playing as a make-believe character and I am all about acting the role. I chose KittyKat. All of my gaming friends started referring to me as Kat and the name stuck.

For the last couple of years I have gotten so used to being called Kat, Kitten or Kitty that I prefer it to my given name. LOL! Not to mention that my beautiful niece calls me Auntie Kiki (which I personally feel is a child’s version of kitty). How could I not go with a name I have become so fond of?
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Chat with Kat

I guess that story was very short. I hope this has given you insight into my blogger name choice.  Do you have a unique blog or social media name? Leave me a comment below. How did your domain make the final cut? Thank you all for helping me get this ball rolling. We’ll chat soon. Kisses!

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