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My Fibromyalgia Journey Part 1

The Early Years with Fibromyalgia?


As a child, I had chronic tummy aches, headaches, trouble sleeping, and body pains. I didn’t pay much attention. It was over a decade before I paired my issues from the past with something that I will live with for the rest of my life. Fibromyalgia.


Bad Habits. Sleep Eludes Me.

Ugly Bad Habits


Why is it that good habits are near impossible to make and can flit away like a humming-bird? A most beautiful sight gone in a flash leaving the gorgeous imprint on your mind and the longing to have it back in your sights. Why are bad habits the ugly step-sister to the good? Forever in your face mocking the beautiful Cinderella that dwells within you unable to escape oppression of this horrible vice. Where is a Fairy Godmother when you need one? (more…)

Fibromyalgia Strikes


Maybe I did too much on my “better days”, the 105 degree weather that sprung up this week, both, or maybe I struck the Fibro jackpot but no matter the cause I have been hit hard by the Fibro freight train. Ugh!! For the last two days I have literally been bed ridden. I have to admit that it really sucks.

How does someone deal with being stuck in bed and unable to stay awake or move when there is so many tasks screaming at you? Honestly, I don’t know. I have a house that is getting messier by the minute, a family to feed, and a blog that I am desperate to get rolling. Two days in a row my 14-year-old kitten had to call and wake me because I was not at the school to pick him up. The poor guy was waiting in this miserable heat for mom to arrive. My family tries to be patient with me keeping in mind that this is something that is out of my hands but must be quite hard. It is for me.


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