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Fairy Party Favors DIY

Fairy Dust Necklaces

Do you have a fairy themed party that you need a simple and inexpensive fairy party favors DIY? You came to the right blog. As stated in my other Fairy Themed Party posts, I helped with my seester’s (sister-in-law’s) Fairy Baby Shower. I made these adorable pixie dust pendent party favors on a very tight budget.

special fairy dust for mommy
Make a special keepsake for mommy-to-be or birthday girl by adding cute charms to this necklace.
baby shower favors
(left)Cute wild flower seeds provided by my seester’s sister. (right) My DIY Pixie Dust necklace with scroll.


Mom’s Busy Box DIY

moms busy box complete

What is a Busy Box?

I don’t really have a designated work station. I migrate wherever it is quite and comfortable. The couch, my bed and outside are my top choices for productivity. I know that I need to create a permanent place for productivity. Since  I move around I decided on a Mom’s Busy Box DIY to carry to my location of choice.

My Busy Box is simply a file box with a lid and handle so it is portable. I have hanging file folders inside to keep things that I am working on or need to do. I have one folder for supplies like envelopes and return address labels. The other folders are for things to file, shred, projects and ideas, bills, out-going mail and other similar folders. You can personalize it to your routine and what works for you.


Dry Erase Menu Board DIY

A Simple and Cheap Dry Erase Menu Board DIY

menu board

Have you ever thought that you needed an easy way to plan your meals and keep your shopping lists and coupons handy? I came up with this simple and inexpensive dry erase menu board DIY.


Blessings for Baby Keepsake Book- DIY

Blessings for Baby Keepsake Book DIY

Wishes for baby book and fairy dust party favors

If you have read my baby related posts you know that I was super-duper excited for the arrival of my gorgeous niece. I made the baby shower invitations, some cute Pixie dust party favor necklaces, and this Blessings for baby keepsake book.

Guest Instructions

Everyone at the shower was given a colorful, lined cardstock page, cut slightly smaller than the book binding. (I don’t have a photo or link for the inserts but if I find it I will add it to the post.) The guests wrote a wish, sentiment, or advice for the mommy-to-be and baby girl. I collected all the pages and placed  them in this handmade book as a memento of everyone who celebrated and their blessing for the mommy and baby. On with the DIY!


Fairy Baby Shower Invitations DIY

Handmade Fairy Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower edit

I was so excited to find out I was going to be an Auntie!! My big brother is my only sibling and wasn’t able to have children. Can you imagine the joy when we found out that they were expecting?? I couldn’t wait to spoil this little Flutter Bug! A GIRL!!! I have three boys and now we were finally going to have ruffles and bows in the family. Yay!!! I was super eager to help out with the fairy themed baby shower any way I could and was overjoyed when my seester (sister-n-law) asked me to make the fairy baby shower invitations.


DIY Aged Wooden Sign

Father’s Day DIY Gift for my Dad

I don’t know about you, but I think men are terribly hard to shop for. My Dad is the greatest and I really wanted to make him a Father’s Day gift I thought he would really enjoy vs. the generic stuff you buy just so you have something to give. I brainstormed for a bit and then the idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. Eureka!!!



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