Aster Essentials Glass Roller Bottles, 10 ml.


Aster Essential Roller Ball Applicators

I received the Aster Essential Glass Roller Bottles free for my honest and unbiased product review. Check out my YouTube video review here.


For starters, I received my order well before the estimated shipping date. I love to get packages. It’s like Christmas! It was in a cute little box and in good condition. The company even included a contact card for issues or comments. It’s nice to know how to reach the company if you need them.



The product is very nice and easy to use. The package includes six 10 ml. etched glass bottles with lids and a separate bag of roller ball insert tops. The etched bottles are very pretty and seem very sturdy. The roller ball caps roll easily and I have not noticed any leaking. The lids are plastic in the core where the threads are and covered with an aluminum exterior. Mine came in a pretty blue but there are many colors to choose from.



The one downside to these bottles were the caps. There were a few that had imperfections like dings or scratches. If you plan on using them as gifts or to sell a homemade product you may need to contact the supplier for replacement lids. Good thing they included a contact card. Since I will be using them for my own personal use it doesn’t really bother me much.


I really do like these Roller Bottles. I am using them for my essential oils. I am able to creat my own blends of oils as well as using them for my favorite single oils like peppermint and lavender. They are perfect for easy application on the body without having to apply by dripping oils on your fingers. These Aster Essential Roller Bottles are also fantastic for portability. I can keep them in my bag for easy access no matter where I am.

Over all I really like these roller bottles and would recommend them.

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