Artistrove Waterbrush 3 PieceSet

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*I received the Artistrove Waterbrush set free or discounted for my honest and unbiased product review.


I received this set before the estimated delivery date which is always a plus. It came in good condition and included a contact card from the company. The packaging was nice and simple. There were no noticeable defects or odors on the product.



The set comes with flat barrels and three nylon tips (Fine/Medium/Broad). The Water Brush Pen Set can be used for watercolor painting, lettering, calligraphy ink, water-color pencils, markers or whatever your creative mind can come up with. 

My Thoughts

I tried this water pen set out with my water-color pencils. They were definitely fun to use and it was nice to not have to keep a bowl of water nearby. I tend to be a sloppy artist. It was also nice to have size options. The flat barrel fit fine in my hand and was not difficult to maneuver.

The only downside to this set is the lack of control over the water flow. The water drips out on the brush and gets things a little too wet for my taste. I practiced for a while and found a little improvement. You have to be very gentle when applying pressure to the barrel and I would recommend keeping a paper towel handy to wipe the excess water before using it on your project.DSCN1926

These are great for children and general artist to practice with but I’m not sure how they would fare for a professional artist. There are many other ways to used this set that I haven’t tried yet so I will keep playing around with them and keep you all updated.

Chat with Kat

I hope you found this review useful. Have you tried this product? How did you use them and what is your opinion? I would love some pointers to get the best functionality from these water brushes. Please leave me a comment below with advice or questions. Hope to chat soon. Kisses!

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