Month: July 2016

RIP Computer

I apologize for not having any new posts or reviews up recently. My computer took its last breath about three weeks ago. Blogging isn’t very easy on a cell phone. I will start posting again as soon as I can. Seriously hoping to chat soon. Kisses!

Fairy Party Favors DIY

Fairy Dust Necklaces

Do you have a fairy themed party that you need a simple and inexpensive fairy party favors DIY? You came to the right blog. As stated in my other Fairy Themed Party posts, I helped with my seester’s (sister-in-law’s) Fairy Baby Shower. I made these adorable pixie dust pendent party favors on a very tight budget.

special fairy dust for mommy
Make a special keepsake for mommy-to-be or birthday girl by adding cute charms to this necklace.
baby shower favors
(left)Cute wild flower seeds provided by my seester’s sister. (right) My DIY Pixie Dust necklace with scroll.


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